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To apply for South Asian Market, please register on the website and fill the online application form. Incomplete and Unpaid application forms will not be accepted.
Yes, but we reserve the right to decide which and how many projects to accept.
Early Bird Deadline: 7th February to 31st March, 2021, Fee: (80 USD)
Regular Deadline: 1st April to 15th May, 2021, Fee: (100 USD)
Late Deadline: 16th May to 15th June, 2021, Fee: (115 USD)
No. Short Films & Documentaries and films made for television cannot be taken into consideration.

No. The Co-Production market is open only to projects that have a producer attached and proof of 30% of the finance in place.

If your project is selected for the market, any agreements/contracts against the 30% financial commitment that you are declaring in the application form. This may also be in the form of a written commitment by an individual or a company.
Yes, you can apply as an individual. However being associated with a Company adds credibility to a project and thus places the project in a better position when compared to projects that aren’t supported by a company/organization. In addition, all international entities – funds, producers, distributors and sales agents, require the existence of a legitimate company/organization before they commit any resources. It must be noted that without the existence of a legitimate company/organization commercial, financial and legal paper work cannot be executed. The company could either be the producer’s own company or they could be attached to a line production company.
Yes we require the story outline as mentioned on the submission form and 20-25 pages of the script. If your script is shortlisted then we will ask for the entire script and you need to submit it within two weeks or forfeit your position
No. We need both as mentioned in detail on the submission form.
You may be requested to submit the script as soon as possible. Some projects which are shortlisted early may be required to submit scripts earlier. However this is not an indication of final selection which is made after the final deadline.
Yes. Please mention the market(s) the project has been part of prior to South Asian Film Market, 2020 in your application and the developments in that market for your project.
A video pitch is a short video of 5 minutes where you pitch your film/web series to SAFM. It should address the story, treatment, cast, crew, producer etc.
Yes. 5 mins of video pitch and 10 mins of Q n A session is allotted to each filmmaker for the final presentation.
Yes. Shortlisted filmmakers have to send Video Pitches of their projects to the Market Team. To ensure that participants’ Video Pitches are technically sound, the Market Team requires the final pitch video at least 6 weeks before the Film Market.
No. The application fee is non-refundable.
Market provides 2 economy fare tickets and 2 nights hotel accommodation for either director or producer of the film.