Eligibility and Selection Criteria


The applicant MUST be the original copyright owner of the submitted material, or is authorised to act on behalf of the copyright owner of the submitted material.


Only registered scripts/screen plays will be accepted.


Full-length (running time 60 minutes or longer) feature film project with a director, producer and a production company attached.


No Documentaries or Short Films will be accepted.


For Web Series; Full length (8-10 episodes) series with a Show Runner, director, producer and a production company attached.


The project must have a proposed budget and not fully financed; at least 30% of the total production must have been financed and proof of this funding to be part of application docket. The festival reserves the right to verify this funding and take a call on the submission.


In case of Book To Screen – The books must be published or contract must be signed and publication date should be within the next one year.


Display a high market potential for South Asia and/or the international market based out of the US.


The project should possess the commercial and artistic viability to be successful in one /both areas of the target market.


At any stage of production.


Priority will be given to projects that have not participated in any other film market before.


Projects without a director on board will not be accepted.(Web Series exempted)

Required materials to be filled/uploaded: